Monday, September 1, 2014

The Martian: A Novel Kindle Edition by Andy Weir - E Book Review

The Martian: A Novel Kindle Edition by Andy Weir - E Book Review      

An excellent book, with a great deal of attention to details based on solid,  real-world research.

The novel is about Mark Watney, who is an American astronaut who gets stuck on Mars, and has no choice but to embark on a series of life/dead situations to stay alive and adapt to the harsh Martian elements.

A must read for the type of folks that get excited with clever engineering manoeuvres in a hostile environment, which in this case, is nothing else than Mars. A load of science and engineering would be a turn off for most, but the writing carefully explains abstract concepts in an understandable and even entertaining way.  

Talking about entertainment, even though the plot has a good dose of drama, there are several strokes of humor that makes the reading more enjoyable. For me, when I get to learn something and have fun, it's totally worth my time. 

Regarding drama, there is lots of it, plus hours and hours of suspense. The Martian is the type of book you can't stop reading; once you are hooked you are always wondering what's going to happen next and how will the character will get out alive of the situation, especially on the second part of the book.

Although I appreciate the facts accuracy, the very direct narrative, and the thoughts process of the main character made me felt like that a human plot was missing, overall a little bit of a cold story to my taste. 

And I'm not necessarily suggesting a cheese love story or a heartbreaking family split up, but simply a closer look at the people that surrounded Mark back on earth. More about his secret origins, in other words, what made him think in that way? Sure thing he is a well-trained NASA astronaut, and such, but before that, who was Mark Watney? I'm puzzled.

The Martian: A Novel


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