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Along Came a Spider - Alex Cross by James Patterson - E Book Review

Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross Book 1) Kindle Edition by James Patterson - E Book Review      

For those who love suspense and thrillers, having read Micheal Conelly for example, James Patterson's Along Came a Spider book is a natural selection. It has an intriguing hero, a lovable good guy that has his own vulnerabilities and a bad guy that makes you constantly glance behind you to see he is not creeping up on you. Alex Cross Book 1 is a thriller that keeps suspense up, even when you think everything has been solved.

A detective in the Washington Police Department has been called put to investigate the kidnapping of two children with celeb parents. The kidnapper who is also a murdered is a psychotic genius and the detective, Alex Cross, must use his skills as a psychologist as well as use the FBI and the secret service in the manhunt after the kidnapper as the life of a little girl hangs in the balance.   

With many twists and surprises along the way, we come to realize that the kidnapper has a plan and the means to see it to conclusion, unless Alex Cross will be able to thwart it.

A thriller book should provide suspense and Along Came A Spider delivers. A classic cat vs. mouse tale, the suspense in the book keeps rising all the time, not the letting the reader put the book down.

Another strong point of the book is the plot. Twisting and turning and keeps surprising the reader, the plot also branches off into apparently unrelated cases Alex Cross is called to solve and this actually adds to the story.

The last but not least good point about the book is the characters themselves. Fleshed out and well described, the readers get a glimpse not only into the characters' actions, but to their minds as well, and even to the background on several cases, letting us like Alex Cross and fear and hate his nemesis.  

Although filled with suspense as a thriller should be, the characters (Cross and the motorcycle riding Secret Service agent) seem to be a little bit bigger than life, which makes the book a bit less realistic and thus detracts a little bit from the suspense.

Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross Book 1)

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