Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bad Boy Daddy Kindle Edition by Chance Carter - E Book Review

Bad Boy Daddy Kindle Edition by Chance Carter - E Book Review      

An enjoyable read in the contemporary romance genre about being a bad boy in today’s world. 

The story is about Jackson, your typical young-adult member of a motorcycle club. He has a strong spirit, and likes things to be under his terms, and is willing to fight for it. He meets a girl, Faith, and decides to help her be free and run away together.

The first novel of Chance Carter, and for a first-timer self-published author the story is a win. He speaks in the language of her audience and tells the story in a natural. At some points, the story felt like an autobiography due to the attention to details. Also, full of humor and very spice lines that will get you a good laugh.

It is uncommon to read romance novels from a male author, and, also, to be about manhood, all from the perspective of the male character. That was interesting, and not very exploited in regular short-novels like this one.

There is rookie writing mistakes all over the book. Therefore, it was a non-smooth read. There was need to do so many obligated stops to double-read sentences, which was unpleasant. All this could have been avoided if an experienced editor had at least glance trough the book. Too bad for a story with so much personality and potential. Moreover, the lack of structure in the writing felt like there was too much repetition, and lack of details thereof. We could appreciate the efforts of a new writer, but once has to be professional and don’t neglect that the readers pay the same for a well-written book than for an attempt of a novel. Finally, the ending was appealing but very predictable and told in a rush.

Bad Boy Daddy

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