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Dirty English Kindle Edition by Ilsa Madden-Mills - E Book Review

Dirty English Kindle Edition by Ilsa Madden-Mills - E Book Review      

Elizabeth's life was going from bad to worse, on more fronts than one. Then, on one frat party, she saw Declan for the first time. Heavily tattooed, working as an underground fighter, with a brooding persona that isn't looking for new relationships after his last girlfriend cheated on him, he is quite a bad boy. Will they be able to make it work or will they end up hurt even more? 

Elisabeth is hurt and damaged. Her parents, mainly her mom, are causing more damage instead of trying to heal and mend, all suffering from their own problems and emotional blocks. Then, Elisabeth meets Declan.

The very personification of the term 'bad boy', Declan is surprisingly emotional, real and sweet and he can see beyond her scars to the see the spirit within. In fact, he even tells her he loves her scars who are trophies of survival.

But it remains to be seen if these two lost souls will be able to forge a little paradise between them.

A major pro has to be Declan himself, who manages to be both strong and forbidden yet ever soft and understanding, quite a combination packaged inside a well muscled, battle hardened tattooed body. No one can avoid falling in love with him, mostly as early as the second chapter.

Another major pro must be the drama, love and the energy in the book and the writing. Nothing is ever peaceful with these two souls and the love affair between them is a living, red hot, facination thing.

And we cannot forget that this is in fact a book about mending and healing, showing us how a broken heart can be mended and made whole again with the right amount of love and attention.

Reading about damaged characters may be a bit tiresome in times, seeing the way she keeps doing the thing that damaged her in the first place, even though this is woven tightly into the plot and story.

Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills

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