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See Me Kindle Edition by Nicholas Sparks - E Book Review

See Me Kindle Edition by Nicholas Sparks - E Book Review      

Collin's and Maria's love seems perfect and growing steadily since the chance encounter that brought them together in the first place. But now, dark things from Maria's past come to haunt them, putting their love to ever increasing tests that will make them start believing in themselves and their love or they will lose everything. 

Collin is a man haunted by his past and giving everything in order to succeed now. He stands to lose everything if he fails in his present course in life and he is determined to not let it happen.

Maria is the daughter of immigrants to has achieved some measure of success in life but still dark things from her past haunt her and make her leave her job in a prestigious firm and return to her little home town.

Collin and Maria meet by chance and against all odds fall in love. In fact, their love and attachment grow at such a rate they even start contemplating tying the knot and marrying, believing this is it.

However, life has sore tests in store for them as their love must stand against those dark shadows rising out of Maria's past.

The characters in See Me are very human and act naturally. They are not just larger than life figures but seem to be normal, regular human beings struggling with problems that are mostly not of their doing. This results in the reader developing a strong attachment for Collin and Maria.

Another great thing about See Me is the way the characters, plot, and the beautiful and scenic backgrounds all merge into one book that is very hard to put down.

The characters are a bit too flat. They didn't seem to develop enough during the book and they were a bit single dimensional. This made the attachment between them a bit less believable that it should have been.

See Me by Nicholas Sparks

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