Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Air He Breathes Kindle Edition by Brittainy Cherry - E Book Review

The Air He Breathes Kindle Edition by Brittainy Cherry - E Book Review      

A book full of emotions and a must read for those who enjoy modern romance stories. A story about loss, forgiveness, and second chances.

The story is told from the point of view of the differents characters, a bold writing narrative that could easily confuse the reader, but that is not the case in this book, it is very well executed. The stories that are not common in real life scenarios these days. That's probably why the book is so appealing overall.

Aside of the crystal-clear writing that made my read very enjoyable and fast, I appreciated the bits and pieces of appropiate quotes throughout the book. I ended up underlying a bunch of quotes that I like to read separately.

For most stoties to be complete, they must include ups and downs so that the reader experiments a wide variety of emotions. I think that the lows may have been a bit over the top in the case of this book. Tristan, one of the main characters goes trough the devastating loss of his wife, and son; that to me is too much to digest. Especially because there are some wholes in the story without explanation. Too many unresolved situations that just add more and more to the drama, specially towards the end, were the narrative goes too fast and end up having many loose ends.

The colorful story could have had more (or at least one) interesting turns. For the voracios readers, is very dissapointing to easily guess what the end is going to be, and then just to keep reading to confirm that the obvious ended up happening. That is what I disliked the most. Nevertheless, a very well-written book, very emotional. The author is capable of trigger deep emotional connections with the reader, which is in my opinion the strongest feature of this book.

The Air He Breathes


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