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The Good Neighbor Kindle Edition by A. J. Banner - E Book Review

The Good Neighbor Kindle Edition by A. J. Banner - E Book Review      

A suspense-thriller story of the intricacies of living on a model modern society, that reminds us that we should not be deceived by appearances, and that humans are very complex by nature.

Sarah and her new husband Dr. Johnny McDonald are living a model life in a fancy neighbourhood in Washington, but suddenly things get out of control and tragedy and deception take over their lifes. The couple discover the hard way that appearances are not to be relied upon, and end up questioning how much can you really get to know someone else.

A carefully executed suspense story from a relatively new author. The story is written in a way so that the reader goes from one hint to the next one until the truth is finally released. A very entertaining read, and a must for people that love good old suspense.

This is the type of book that is very hard to leave and come back to it later. The pace of the story is spectacularly fast and the writing is very clear and to the point. The end is not predictable at all, which is something that is appreciated by anyone who reads a lot of suspense.

Although a great attention to details is appreciated along with a comprehensive list of events giving context to the current chapter, it was felt that there was too much going on. At the climax of the book we literally had to go back to double check that our facts were straight. There is a limit of how much can be under development so that you always keep tabs on what's going on, otherwise you end up lost and confused.

The Good Neighbor

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