Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Prettiest One: A Thriller Kindle Edition by James Hankins - E Book Review

The Prettiest One: A Thriller Kindle Edition by James Hankins - E Book Review      

A fast-paced thriller, with a great deal of suspense that will keep you on the edge from start to finish.

The book is about the story Caitlin Sommers, that suddenly started by waking up in a strange garage bathed in blood and the journey that she went through to discover why this’s happened to her. This journey takes her back all the way to her childhood and to places she has never been to.

A must read for the type of folks that get excited with intricate mysteries and physiological thrillers. The story is not the typical novel where there is an obvious ending that makes it worth it just to keep reading. The author maintained the drama until the last page of the book, and I never felt bored or disappointed with the reading, but very much intrigued and entertained.

A faultless execution of complex characters with a solid and old-school type of narrative. The story is full of twists, which makes it very enjoyable to read and very appealing for voracious readers. Humor is also present in the story that closes the circle for a book that triggers a full range of emotion in the readers.

The very feature that makes this book unique also makes it hard to believe: the unpredictability. There were situations that didn’t felt natural to a credible narrative. Also for to this reason, it is difficult to connect with the story, and you end up reading just for the sake of knowing what the destiny of each character was for each character. That is not a compelling reason to keep reading. The book felt like engineered to have unpredictable sequences just to keep the lector reading.

The Prettiest One: A Thriller

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