Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wrong Kindle Edition by Jana Aston - E Book Review

Wrong Kindle Edition by Jana Aston - E Book Review      

A kind of strange romantic story between Sophie and Luke. She isn't convinced he is the one for her but she will give it a chance, hoping that Mr. Wrong will be the right one for her this time. A little dirty, a little sexy, and very unusual, this story flows and is surprisingly emotional and not tortured.

Sophie has fantasies about a well dressed man entering her coffee shop. She is convinced that her fantasies will remain exactly that, safe fantasies, when she suddenly comes face to face with him again when she suddenly realizes he is the gynecologist about to exam her while she's sitting in THE chair! 

This is start of a different sort of romantic story, a story involving two people who are willing to explore their own and their partners' limits while they get even more emotionally attached.

Actually, kind of rarity in romance novels and books focusing about relationships in general, Wrong is funny. It is filled with humor but not the kind that will make the readers roll on the floor with laughter. It is humor that will make readers read the book with a perpetual smile on their faces.

Another great thing about this book is the way to plot flows. The book is very easy to read and more than one reader had finished it over the night in one standing. Being uncomplicated does not mean the book is not fun, quite the contrary.

Last but not least, the book is sexy. Without going into too many details here, it is enough to say that the book has and is about sex, and sex that explores the limits but without going the way fifty shades of grey went.

Although enjoyable, it has been said that the book might have been more enjoyable. As it is, the book has sections that are very similar to fifty shades of grey and some points in the plot can be guessed in advance with ease.

Wrong by Jana Aston

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