Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You Don't Want To Know Kindle Edition by Lisa Jackson - E Book Review

You Don't Want To Know Kindle Edition by Lisa Jackson - E Book Review      

There are many things that make a good book. In this case, Lisa Jackson has successfully created a flowing plot, very clean and concise that is uninterrupted throughout the book, making reading the book fun and easy. (Easy is not a bad word in this case …)

The Plot:
In the book, we follow the events unfolding around Ava Garrison. Her son, Noah, was lost two years ago and is missing, his whereabouts unknown. No body has been recovered and everybody believes he is dead after falling off a dock.

During those two years, the period just after her son's disappearance, Ava Garrion's situation goes from bad to worse, going in and out of Seattle mental institutions. Even though her situation worries everyone around her, including her husband and her treating doctors, no one seems able to help her. 

 And now, two years after Noah's disappearance, even though no body has been found, Garrison must come to terms with the possibility of him being alive, as well as the possibility of being dead. The nightmare engulfing Garrison is coming to an end and she must realize the shocking truth of his son’s disappearance.

One of the redeeming qualities of this book is its plot. First of all, the plot is simple and easy to follow, flowing continually without any interruptions or turns that will complicate things.  
Another great thing about the book is its language. The author, Lisa Jackson, has made an effort to use simple, day to day language in the book. Consequently, everyone can understand and feel what is going on with Garrison and the language makes everything more pronounced.

The book is also filled with suspense, readers hooked by the plot, needing to know what will happen next and how the mystery will be resolved.. 

The simple and flowing plot has many merits but some feel that the book is too long. Although this allows the author to expand upon Garrison's situation and feelings, nevertheless the book could have been easily half as long.

You Don't Want To Know


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